• GrowInGermany

    The coaching-course method for an effective integration of refugees.

    GrowinGermany offers AVZV certified, career-oriented courses for refugees, including a personal work book. Participants are applicants for asylum over 18 years old who are also clients at the Jobcenter. The goal of these innovative courses is the support of participants on their path towards playing an active part in our society, as people who take advantage of opportunities available to them. The teachers accompany the refugees towards developing a fitting perspective for a good life in Germany. Currently there are no continuing-education opportunities specifically for those looking to secure the necessary practical skills for teaching refugees, in which they will learn necessary techniques towards activating resources for this target group. GrowinGermany wants to change this and offer a certified distance learning course for future integration tutors.

    GrowinGermany’s vision is to contribute to the public discourse, and to support the successful integration of refugees in Germany through sustainable personality development towards economic independence.


    Project location: Frankfurt

    Category: Training/qualification

    Emphasis: Individual coaching opportunities for trained teachers

"ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland" war ein Projekt von Social Impact und wurde gefördert von der KfW Stiftung.