• BeMela Coffee

    The innovative coffee training-center that gives refugees a new career perspective, and that brings coffee-rituals from all over the world to Germany.


    The basic concept of Bemela Coffee is to influence a positive and sustainable change in our society through the founding of an innovative coffee training-center. Immigrants receive a new career perspective, and are therefore strengthened in building an independent life.

    Simultaneously, the team is able to introduce in Germany many new coffee preparation methods and rituals from all around the world.

    The vision of Bemela Coffee is the acquisition of coffee from fair and sustainable production by working closely with coffee farmers throughout the world. A multicultural coffee community should be created, and sustainable integration in the job market should be promoted.


    Project location: Frankfurt
    Category: Foodservice
    Emphasis: Job placement


"ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland" war ein Projekt von Social Impact und wurde gefördert von der KfW Stiftung.