• Bantabaa FoodDealer

    Bantabaa gives refugees qualifications in foodservice, and not only creates jobs, but gives perspective for a life in Germany, in Europe and in their homeland.


    Bantabaa supports sustainable integration for refugees in Germany. German courses, legal consulting and medical aid are offered. Bantabaa Academy was founded because of the lack of access to education and career orientation. Refugees receive the qualifications necessary for the foodservice market, which serves as an effective remedy for the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, creates more jobs and provides a reasonable use of time during asylum procedures.

    The vision of the project is to integrate people regardless of origin and skin color in the job market, but also that areas like Görlitzer Park in Berlin cease to be problem areas.


    Project location: Berlin
    Category: Foodservice
    Emphasis: Career qualification in catering

"ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland" war ein Projekt von Social Impact und wurde gefördert von der KfW Stiftung.