Application process for the Ankommer. stipend

  • 1.

    Apply online.
    Applications can only be submitted online through the following link. We want to learn about your idea, its solution process, and the people behind it.

  • 2.

    Participants whose projects have won us over in the online application process will be invited to a workshop. If the idea continues to impress, the next step of the process is a public pitch. Provided the specialist jury votes for the idea in the pitch process, then the stipend will be awarded.

  • 3.

    And: Get Going.
    You made it! This means eight months of support by Social Impact.

The application phase has ended.

  • What does the stipend offer?

    The stipend period runs for up to eight months and includes the following benefits during the stipend period:

    • Coaching and expert consultation for the start-up and implementation phases
    • Workshops and qualification
    • Networking events
    • Coworking: up to eight months of use of a working space in one of our Social Impact Labs in Berlin, Duisburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, München or Stuttgart
    • Introduction and matching for potential financing partners
    • Professional support for foundation proposals and funding applications

    How do I proceed with the application?

    • Step 1: Fill out the online application for the stipend.
    • Step 2: If we are impressed with the submitted concept, we will invite the applicant(s) to a two-day workshop. In the workshop we will analyse the idea together and prepare it for the upcoming pitch. Participation is mandatory. The dates for the workshops will be indicated when filling out the online application form.
    • Step 3: Applicants whose concepts and solution approaches were deemed impressive at the workshop will be invited to make a pitch. During the public pitch in front of an audience, the applicants will present their ideas to a jury of experts who will decide which concepts are accepted to the stipend programme. The dates for the pitches will also be listed when filling out the online application form.
    • Step 4: The specialist jury believes in your idea? Then congratulations on receiving the stipend!

    Who can apply?


    • Anyone who wants to found a socially innovative company and/or a not-for-profit organisation to offer refugees social and economic perspectives.
    • Anyone who has already founded a not-for-profit, socially innovative organisation that offers refugees social and economic perspectives.
    • Interested parties who possess creative and entrepreneurial talent.
    • Interested parties who have enough time to get such an undertaking off the ground and have already put together a team (or are in the process of doing so).
    • Interested parties who live close to our Social Impact Labs in Berlin, Duisburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, München or Stuttgart so they can take advantage of our offerings (coworking, consulting and networking).

    Also important is that applicant must be

    • A person who is citizen of the European Union
    • A non-EU citizen who has a German work visa allowing her or him to be self-employed and is registered as a resident in Germany

    We especially welcome applications from people with immigrant backgrounds and/or those who have experienced being a refugee themselves.

    Unfortunately, if a project has already been founded as a commercial enterprise and officially registered as such, it is not eligible to participate.

    Organisations that have already been registered as a not-for-profit institution (an “e.V.” for instance) are eligible to participate. In this case, the application should be submitted as a single person on behalf of the not-for-profit organisation.

    What projects do we support?

    Submitted projects must be aimed at helping refugees, who have a difficult time entering the job market in Germany ("second-tier labour market access").

    • Asylum seekers: People with a temporary residence permit from at least the fourth month of applying for asylum
    • Those having the status "Duldung": People whose deportation has been suspended because of legal or factual reasons, inasmuch as the Foreigners’ Office has not imposed a ban on employment according to Employment Regulations Paragraph 33 (German: §33BeschV)
    • Those entitled to political asylum or having refugee status: People given a residence permit according to Residence Act Paragraphs 22–26 (German: §§22–26 AufenthG)

    The projects improve the social and economic participation of refugees, for instance by providing access to education and/or vocational training and jobs.

    What criteria do we use for selection?

    • Is the idea realistic, fully developed and credible?
    • Does the project contribute to creating job opportunities/vocational apprenticeships and/or qualification offerings for refugees?
    • Is the project different from already existing offerings?
    • Does the applicant and/or team have the necessary experience, qualifications and network to implement the project?

    What do we expect?

    From the participants who win a stipend during the pitch we expect the following:

    • The team must work on developing the project in the coworking space for at least twenty hours per week (all team members together)
    • Mandatory participation in progress review meetings
    • Working on the project’s goals as mutually agreed upon with Social Impact
    • Regular participation in the offered coaching sessions and team meetings
    • Communication regarding the stipend on the project’s standalone website and in other media.
  • The Fine Print

    We have prepared a lot of information on this site. We advise all applicants to carefully read the information so that the application process runs as smoothly as possible. If you should have questions, please send an e-mail to:


"ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland" ist ein Projekt von Social Impact und wird gefördert von der KfW Stiftung.