The Project

  • Every year, hundreds of thousands of people flee from their homelands. They are escaping wars and civil wars, persecution, human rights violations, and are leaving the poverty and destruction of their existences behind.

    However, with this comes social and economic challenges for Europe which cannot only be resolved at political or municipal levels.

    What we therefore need is a different perspective, a paradigm change. Social and economic participation for the ever-growing number of refugees hoping for a better and safer future in Germany affects all of us and every area of our communities.

  • Newly created legal foundations intend to foster refugees’ faster integration into society. However, the reality on the ground looks quite different:

    • There is still a lack of new and effective models that allow refugees to access jobs and vocational training.
    • There is still a lack of innovative concepts aimed at making it possible for refugees to create a self-determined future in Germany for themselves.
    • There is still a lack of viable solutions that enable refugees to take advantage of their own potential, re-establish themselves, start their lives anew and make contributions to society in their new home.

    These are just some of the issues that ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland hopes to address.

The Stipend

  • For ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland the development and implementation of innovative models that can be realised all across Germany and that make a long-lasting contribution to enabling refugees’ social and economic participation is paramount. Access to education and the creation of vocational training positions and jobs are the gateways.

    The ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland stipend programme is addressed to prospective start-ups and (socially) entrepreneurial initiatives that wish to develop their ideas, with the support of an interdisciplinary team of experts, and transform these ideas into viable business solutions.

  • As part of an eight-month stipend, participants can take part in a comprehensive qualification programme and receive coworking spaces in the Social Impact Labs located in Berlin, Duisburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, München and Stuttgart.

  • Project partner

    "ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland" is a project of Social Impact gGmbH and supported by KfW Stiftung.


  • Patronage

    "ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland" is under the patronage of Peter Altmaier, the Minister for Economic Affairs.


"ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland" ist ein Projekt von Social Impact und wird gefördert von der KfW Stiftung.